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Deadlands is a Weird Western setting where cowboys, civil war soldiers, mad scientists, Indian shaman, kung-fu artists, and demon-dealing cardsharps frequently run afoul of zombies, steam-punkish inventions, spies, and monsters out of folklore.

The world of Deadlands is one where the Civil War was never resolved… The heavy fighting between the Union and the Confederacy forces eventually tapered off into a long, grudging cold war with minor flare-ups of violence. The result is 17 years of war without vicotry Rail Barons vie with each other in a race to be the first line to establish a transcontinental railway across the west to the California and the Great Maze. Hotbeds of Indian discontent in the reservation territories of the Coyote Confederation in what was Eastern Oklahoma and in the Sioux Nation on the Northern Plains around Deadwood.



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