Deadlands_TLJS.jpg Welcome to the Weird West, y’all!

During the Civil War, on the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg, there are rumors that piles of dead on both sides of the conflict rose up and staggered clawing and biting at their former brothers-in-arms. That was far from the only weirdness… Stories of ghosts, wild monsters, and mysterious doings quickly started filtering out of the empty spaces of the American west. The Civil War has dragged on over a decade and a half into a grudge-filled, simmering cold war. There are occasional conflicts that flare up along the old Union/Confederate lines, gangs of outlaws and banditos, strongly guarded Indian reservations, land wars between rail and cattle barons, vicious weather, harsh terrain, insane inventors testing their insane contraptions in the wide expanses… It is undoubtedly true that there are a million ways to die in the West, each more weird and eerie than the last.

Can a band of intrepid heroes show they have the sand to stand up to all the challenges the West has to offer? Can they fight the rising tide of darkness that is threatening to consume the small towns that make America’s backbone? Can they thwart the evil machinations that would turn the whole of the country into a horrific hellscape?

Stay tuned to the unfolding story of Trouble’s Long, Jagged Shadow.

Trouble's Long, Jagged Shadow

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